Same as a Douchbag but with your gooch instead
Austin ur goochbag stinks of shit
by A Black Jack August 28, 2008
Top Definition
A small pouch one attaches to their gooch to keep their change and keys in.
Little Harry never forgot his lunch money because he always kept it in his gooch bag.
by Nina Rees June 14, 2008
a middle aged woman from oxford
hey chris your mum is such a gooch bag
by kingo-witney January 15, 2009
1. An individual who takes being a douchebag to such lows that it invokes memories of how bad the gooch smells after a five mile run and sweaty sex.

2. Karl Rove
"Your boss never told you about any alleged mistakes you were making, even after you asked repeatedly, then told everyone else you were a fuck up after he fired you?" What a total fucking goochbag!
by P Sizzles September 05, 2008
1. A bag which holds ones gooch.
2. A person who has no idea of anything.
He is such a gooch bag, he thinks that i actually eat my own gooch.

I forgot my gooch bag.
by Charlie fatnaldo December 11, 2007
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