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1. an individual who can frequently be seen slapping his own gooch

2. an individual who can frequently be seen slapping the gooch of another individual
Jim: Hey Taylor, you'll never who I just walked in on in the bathroom, slapping his own gooch!
Taylor: *gasp* Who?
Jim: Bob! I walked in to take a piss and there he was just standing in the stall with the door open, punishing his gooch!
Taylor: Wow... I never would have seen Bob as a gooch slapper...
Jim: I'm not sure if he saw me. I hope he didn't, I don't want him slappin' on my gooch.
by AnusMeister May 13, 2013
A song so good, it has a physical effect on the body. It slaps the gooch.
Gin and Juice is such a great song! Total gooch slapper.
by CyanideCastro August 10, 2011

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