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After licking ones "gooch" there may be a aroma of "gooch" on ones breath.
hey dont let that dog lick you matt, for it has licked its gooch. Now, you have gooch breath. Well done!
by theonetheycallstu November 21, 2006
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after you lick someones gooch to the extreme your breath might smell like it. kinda musty and sour
yea i was sucking a gooch and then my girlfrined wouldnt kiss me because A. she now knows im gay and B. i have terrible gooch breath
by me February 14, 2003
The smell of a gooch coming out of a someones mouth. The smell could be coming from the actual action of licking a gooch or something not discovered. For instance Ms. Graves has a chronic gooch breath. A wif of the terrible smell will not only ruin your day but burn a hole in your nose, similar to the affects of snorting crack.
Someone needs to tell her about her terrible gooch breath or I am going to punch her next time i smell it.
by Rick Leon Ault December 13, 2002

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