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Gu-burr Goober: 1. a nice way of calling someone an idiot after they've done something idiotic. 2. A nice way of telling someone they are wrong about something.

Guuub Goob. 1. A shortened form of the word above.
OMG you are a such a goober, the sky is orange!!!!!
by Angel July 03, 2003
1. The ultimate gothic prince (or princess) in a fleeting love affair with Scotty, his evil sex slave. Has a crazy brother who is equally gothic and even twice as mentally unstable. (The entire family belongs in a maximum security insane asylum.)

2. Any utterly messed up person, place, or thing. (Preferably pretaining to Satan and Satan worship.)
Look at Gooby, he's got a shirt that says "Jesus loves me" written in blood.
That haunted house was fairly Goobyish, but the real lair of Gooby contains more rotting carcasses and has a more sulfurous odor.
by Brian Shmid March 31, 2003
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