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Not a word. An attempt by Google employees to infect the English language, in order to market their brand name.
Person 1: Joey, vp of marketing at Google is now having his staff hit all blogs and the like to incorporate Google words into the mainstream vocabulary. He is now trying to add "Goo-diligence". What a joke!

Person 2: Deceiptful, corporate sleezebag, bastard!

Person 1: Yeah.
by Silverfish March 15, 2006
what smart girls everywhere do when men whom they recently met brag about their accomplishments
"He told me that he owned a business after he bought me a drink, then I did my Goo-diligence on him and found out that it's his wife's business!!"

by EMJ March 21, 2006
Using Google to mediate a dispute between two parties or to do appropriate research.
"What's the proper pronunciation of Cannes? Is it 'can' or 'con'?" "I dunno. Go do your Goo-diligence."

"Is it a blind date?" "Sort of, but I did my Goo-diligence on him, and he's okay."
by Scott Hess March 08, 2006

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