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Goo Goggles:-

Goo Goggling is the act of ejaculating onto the closed eyes of a recipient, thus giving the impression that they are wearing 'goggles', but are infact covered in seminal fluid.

Goo Googles can be given to a sexual partner as a sexual act, or can be striken upon an un-willing recipient in an act of humiliation. Goo Goggles can be used as punishment, where instead of the recipients eyes being closed they are forced open and recieve seminal fluid directly onto their eyes.
"How about I embrace you with Goo Goggles this evening wife."

"LOL I totally gave that beeatch Goo Goggles last night. ROFL irl!"

"I'm afraid that your criminal antics have earn't you a pair of Goo Goggles, hold his eyes open and I shall commence the Goggling.
by S. Ladavooch March 10, 2007
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To ejaculate into both eyes of a girl, covering the whole eye to cause the illusion of strap-less semen goggles.
I gave that blind chick a thick pair of goo-goggles last night, it's so much easier when they can't see.
by Jeff Bisow April 02, 2008
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