1) Someone who is extremely whack, unattractive, or just really dusty.
2) Someone sub-par, rudimentary in nature, and super dee-dooper lame.
3) Someone who is an invalid and dumb as that thang.
4) Someone who is broke down, busted, riding in the passenger's seat, or who is just pain effed up.
"Yo, he is hellaz busted. That fool hella goo."

"50 Cent is mad corny now. His rhymes extra goo."

"My bestie's new boyfriend is toe up and mad goo."
by 22anavdb March 25, 2010
Top Definition
Used to describe a suprised disgust at something or a situation. Originated from the movie Billy Madison by Adam Sandler. Can be used anywhere in a sentance or simply by istself.
"Hey Ernie what's the matter man, I...(see's something grotesque) Goo!!!"

"Goo! What the hell is that?"
by Munkey December 05, 2004
1. A liquid substance with the same qualities as honey or paint.
2. Bodily emissions.
3. Short term for "ghoul" from Warcraft III
1. What is this goo?
2. Then he got goo all over his pants.
3. Make da goo chop the wood, NOOB!
by iopq December 14, 2003
the stuff that comes out of women when they come.
i had goo all over my undies when i saw him.
by Leah May 17, 2004
An articulation of intense joy, affection, happiness, surprise, or jubilation. Often accompanied by or inspired by physical platonic affection. (often associated to predominantly feminine language)
X: awwww, that was so fucking sweet, come here and give me some love.

Y and X hug (in unison): GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

X: Surprise! Happy Birthday!!!

Y: GOOOO! awww, guys, you didn't!!!

Y blushes and smiles the biggest smile of all time
by calistomusik November 29, 2010
a compulsive craving for drink
Come on to the pub for fuck's sake, I have an awful goo on me
by nolzo June 19, 2011
adj. Positive, but with novelty value; intellectually positive but amusingly so.
Eternal Sunshine is a very goos movie.
by Blessi July 07, 2005
(gew) The intensity of a moment. People outside of said event can't hear the goo.

The actual goo may not sound like goo but is best sounded out as goo. Goo's loudness depends on how intense the moment is.
My mom walked in on me watching gay porn. It was major goo.

I kicked dads gun, thinking it was empty. The golden hollow point ricoche'd and blew his head off GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
by Kwall386 March 27, 2009

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