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Goo Gun; n. The male genitalia, so named for its ability to eject bodily fluids.
Chicho "How did it go last night?"
Joe "I assaulted her with my goo gun!"
by Joe Henkelman September 29, 2006
14 7
commonly mispronounced term for "glue gun"
There is nothing wrong with being naked while using a hot googun.
by mnopqr August 14, 2006
3 7
To insert a pinky in the anus and a forefinger&middlefinger in the vagina at the same time(with the same hand).
+ That girl was soo freaky she let me use the goo gun on her.

+ 1 in the poo, 2 in the goo!
by nate December 01, 2002
7 19