1. Gonorrhea 2. Syphillis 3. Aids 4. 1-3 all at once 5. Not sure what you got from whoever you slept with or whatever you touched.
Ewww... I probably shouldn't have touched that shopping cart handle. Now I have Gonosyphilaids.


Oh no! I shouldn't have gotten drunk last night...
by Whoever Whenever Whyever February 03, 2010
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Rare, jungle venerian disease created by Paris Hilton and her promiscous sex life. Combination of Gonorrhea, Syphilis and AIDS, sometimes herpes: herpetic gonosyphilaids.
Paris Hilton is spreading her Herpetic gonosyphilaids.
by Diane Ramos May 04, 2006
A mix of the diseases gonorrhea syphillis and AIDS
Damn bitch thats a bad case of gonosyphilaids
by wXc 4 LYFE December 19, 2006

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