1. Gonorrhea 2. Syphillis 3. Aids 4. 1-3 all at once 5. Not sure what you got from whoever you slept with or whatever you touched.
Ewww... I probably shouldn't have touched that shopping cart handle. Now I have Gonosyphilaids.


Oh no! I shouldn't have gotten drunk last night...
by Whoever Whenever Whyever February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Rare, jungle venerian disease created by Paris Hilton and her promiscous sex life. Combination of Gonorrhea, Syphilis and AIDS, sometimes herpes: herpetic gonosyphilaids.
Paris Hilton is spreading her Herpetic gonosyphilaids.
by Diane Ramos May 04, 2006
A mix of the diseases gonorrhea syphillis and AIDS
Damn bitch thats a bad case of gonosyphilaids
by wXc 4 LYFE December 19, 2006
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