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The rare and deadly Gonasyphaherpatitis B. The ravages of this illness can lead to decreased mental capacity, severe whorishness, impaired motor and decision making skills, and left untreated, can lead to the even more rare and deadly "Super AIDS".

Most alarmingly, this disease is becoming more prevalent in modern America, and other parts of the world. This is mainly due to one rather powerful side-effect, whereby the disease allows a person to become famous, attractive, and well liked, even if they are ugly, talentless whores.

In 1993, the Hungarian government developed a highly experimental vaccine that showed great promise. It was believed that it could not only protect against contracting Gonasyphaherpatits B, but cure those who had already contracted it as well. Unfortunately, no one who had the disease wanted rid of it, and everyone who didn't have the disease simply objected to using an experimental drug that hadn't been tested on humans.

Since 1993, the number of those infected by Gonasyphaherpatits B has more than tripled.
"Paris Hilton has Gonasyphaherpatitis B."
by Kaj Darkwind May 17, 2010
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