1. trying to hold on with gold bond medicated powder all over your hands

2. when a condom is made of gold and you put it on

3. when you are wearing a magnum condom.
"Check out my gold on."
"Hey man, don't forget to put your gold on."
#magnum #condom #gold #on #bond #mangum #codnom #silver
by Britainy1017 September 01, 2009
Top Definition
Used in refrence to any body part or decorative piece real or imaginary on a human or animal.
I went for a jog this morning and now my goldons are sore.

My dog ranaway yesterday, she came home this morning and I realized she had lost her goldons.
#balls #boobies #hair #body parts #clothing #jewelry #accessories
by Kfro50 February 05, 2010
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