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High praise given to someone whom excels in fellatio
"Dude you gotta get with Kendall man, she gives the best head. It's like she had a Golden Throat."
by Zekeheart2000 February 18, 2012
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Great praise given to one who excels in fellatio.
Dude you hear about that one chick in Algebra? They say she's hella good at given head. Like she has a Golden Throat or something.
by MrNoodlesIvanhoe March 09, 2012
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Releaving one's bladder during oral intercourse.
Yo, I was getting head from this bitch and just had to piss so I gave her the ole golden throat.
by breeze January 13, 2005
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A recording of a celebrity covering a famous song or songs. The point is that the celebrity has no musical talent and is doing so by virtue of his or her fame alone. A precursor to karaoke.
Mae West singing "Twist and Shout."
William Shatner singing "Hey Mister Tambourine Man."
Sebastian Cabot's rendition of "Like a Rolling Stone."
by Jane Doe 35 May 02, 2005
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