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The perfect ratio of milk, butter, and cheese sauce when making macaroni and cheese so that all of the cheese perfectly dissolves on the pasta without leaving any excess liquid on the bottom resulting in a golden color and the best possible taste.
Warning: The Golden Ratio is nearly impossible to achieve and takes years of practice to even come close to. With Kraft Mac and Cheese depending on the type of noodle it is normally within the range of 1/7 cup of milk and a maybe half a spoon of whipped butter combined with the full packet of cheese against warm pasta.

I had perfectly golden mac n cheese earlier today, and it was fucking sex.
by sk1z0r October 06, 2009
The perfect ratio between a woman's tits and ass.
"Damn look at Becky, her badonkadonk and gazongas are at the golden ratio!"
"Her tits weren't that big, but with her ass she definitely achieved the golden ratio."
by caciamaan00 July 11, 2009
When a groupie fucks every member of any particular band.
"Marla has fucked everyone in The Rolling Stones except Mick Jagger, once she's fucked him she will have the golden ratio."
by Miss Bob March 16, 2010
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