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When a person during a game of beer pong exposes places their testicles above their belt buckle, then periodically pulls up their shirt to flash their testicles to distract the other team.

Originated at: Kent State University (golden flashes)
"Brett put that golden flash away were tryin to shoot here!"

"We missed that re-buddle because of the golden flash."
by A-Schlegel April 27, 2009
22 13
When you urinate in someone's anus and they fart
The homos liked giving each other the Golden Flash.
by liberalsuckforever2014 May 11, 2014
6 0
.... wait what is a flash? who the hell even knows!
Go Zips!!! and ... that bird with teeth, what is that supposed to be anyways? what is a golden flash?
by zainea13 December 10, 2009
5 14