Someone who defines themself as a hot rodder but has never worked on a car before. They pay a shop to build a car and perform modification/maintenance instead of doing it themself. Often they dont even know anything about the car they had built.
Bob: "Thats a nice 32 3 window over there" Tim: "Yea, but the owners a gold chainer, he doesnt even know what engine hes running."
by rustypipes September 22, 2010
A particular class of douchebag who usually wears a gold chain with extra douchosity. A player. Very sleazy sometimes also has a 70's porn moustache. Warning: Even if personality & looks seem ok, a gold chain tells the real story. Steer clear at all costs.
Let's get out of here. There's a gold chainer heading our way.
by samiam11 June 20, 2011

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