Goku is the hawt bishie from Gensou Maden Saiyuki that is like 500 years old but magically looks more around 18. He was placed away in a mountain with cage like formations for bars that made him really tweaked out. He had a pet bird that unfortunately died outside of his reach.

He also had no food and could only wait for Sanzo to come rescue him. Sanzo obviously did save him only because he couldn't tolerate Goku's 'crying out to him' no longer. So the two left and Sanzo became a 'babysitter' and Goku became one of Sanzo's followers.

His token sayings are "Harahetta!" (I'm hungry) and "Sanzo" (just take a guess). He also likes to fight with Gojyo and is sort of taken care of by Hakkai as well. The best thing about Goku is that he can kick major ass, namely being yokai or Kougaji. The only one that really gets to him is Homura but that's because Homura has some 'Mad War Prince Power' and some sexual induendo.

Lastly, Goku is based off the Monkey King from the Saiyuki Chinese legend just like the Goku from DBZ.
I <3 Goku long time.
by Pristine January 07, 2005
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A character on the popular anime DB, DBZ and DBGT. Not the brightest star in the sky but can kick the shiz out of just about anyone. And if not, he can eat you due to his freakishly huge appetite.
Goku just kicked Vegeta's butt...again.
by Keekles August 10, 2004
A white guy trying to be asian. Arised from the movie "Dragonball Evolution" in which Goku, the main character based on the popular Japanese manga, was played by a white guy which was suppose to be of asian decent (in my opinion anyways). lol
Dude, you're a Goku!
by kitnam April 19, 2009
(also known as kakarot)
wife:chi chi, father in law:ox king, sons: gohan, goten, daughter in law:videl (see devil), granddaughter:pan
expressions:clueless, happy, pissed
temperment:happy, loving, hungry
(goku may seem a little dim, but he's alot smarter than he lets on)
loves:food, everyone who isn't evil personified, food, fighting, food
distinguishing features:spiky hair, tail, 'that son grin' ^_^
goku is hated by: villans, vegeta. and jealous little boys :P
goku is loved by:everyone else
see monkey, do monkey ;D
by mumpy December 10, 2004
the greatest fighter ever,even better then rocky
goku is not fat he is buff and is muscular and is pretty dumb but when it comes to fighting he is the smartest person in the universe
by jon June 30, 2004
Star of DBZ. Not exactly the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but he can fight and eat like no one's business! He married ChiChi and had Gohan and Goten by her, and is almost always the one to save the day, even if he's practically dead. Vegeta always wants to fight him, but he always loses.
For those who aren't that bright, Goku is pronounced Goh-koo.
by RatchetBoo May 19, 2003
1. a character from Chinese legend, the monkey king from Journey to the West, who is widely known and parodized in many ways.

2. The most famous parody of the monkey king who is the protagonist of the japanese cartoon Dragonball/Z. He's not the brightest crayon in the box but is known for being extremely loyal and hella strong. Will kick evil ass if not out to lunch. Is married and has two kids.
Judging from the black eye and broken limbs, I'm guessing someone went Goku on you....


Judging from the empty pantry and excessive amount of dirty dishes, I'm guessing someone went Gokuh on you....
by your mom last night July 02, 2005
One who is heavily built, muscular.
It's not Fat, it's all muscle!
by Dante April 09, 2003
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