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the plural of goku.
more than one goku.
if goku got cloned, there would be more goki.
by jim May 07, 2005
A smart boy that has very small wrist and bent pinkies. Hope he will one day make a new race called gokilinam. Likes to ski down a huge mountain like he is a deadly bullet squashing little tomato-hating midgets in his way. Enjoys squashing dead squirrels with large rocks and tends to hang out with random stupid people. Has a friend obsessed with snuggies and another that laughs like such a freak and accidentally impersonates a Chinese person when he laughs. Is deathly afraid of godesses biting him. Is often associated with the word "pu" for no known reason.
Person: he is such a goki
by Halo12980 January 31, 2010