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The act of telling your girlfriend that you're going to your grandma's house, but really opting to stay home all night masturbating and playing video games.
"I'm sorry Grace. I can't do anything tonight because I'm going to my grandma's."
by Rabix April 02, 2005
Act of telling your friends that you dont want to hang out because you're going to your grandmas house. But your really sitting at home cybering with a 40 year old man named Spike and playing Japanees Video Games.
Sorry Paul I cant hang out, Im goin to my Grandma House.
by TSM April 05, 2005
The act of first dating a hideous girl with really hairy arms and then ditching her to maturbate and play video games.
"Grace, have you looked in a mirrior lately? You can't get anyone else to go! Besides, I'm going to my grandma's."
by chefpaul April 06, 2005
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