Going to denmark is an actual saying made popular for the relative ease of the process that is getting a sex change while in denmark. Of all places in the world Denmark offers the best doctors at the best price with the easiest acceptance rate of sex changes. For this reason when someone is going to get a sex change they would most probably go to denmark.
Oh you did here jimmy became jamie, he "went to denmark: last year.

or if you dont like someone you could say, "hey you go to denmark" you puffta!

the action of the sex change is refered to as "going to denmark"
by Not in denmark August 05, 2006
Top Definition
Codeword for having sex so other attentive listeners do not catch on to the underlying message of the conversation. Other destinations can be used instead of Denmark to symbolise different sexual activities such as Canada or London (Foreplay and kissing respectively). A person can also be taken to Denmark unwillingly in which case it can be expressed as 'getting kidnapped to Denmark'.
See that guy over there? I'm going to Denmark with him soon
by samsamuels November 05, 2010
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