When a guy puts his junk over the top of his pants in order to relieve himself instead of just undoing the zipper
Guy1: Man its so much easier to go over the top.

Guy2: Dude im peeing dont talk.

Guy1: Just try going over the top.

Guy2: Dude this is sweet.
by Di~Vad C June 12, 2007
Top Definition
A phrase used during World War I to describe men climbing out of their trenches to attack the opposing trenches. Before running into a wall of rifle and machine gun fire, the attackers were usually given a warm meal, a bit of rum, and said potential goodbyes to each other before facing almost certain death. It was considered the greatest test a man could ever face.
"As time passed, apprehension became acute as I weighed my chances for surviving the attack. No; I could not so easily give up. The grip of life was tightening on me and more than ever I wanted to live." -British Liaison Officer before going over the top at the Third Battle of Ypres
by Kurt051 March 04, 2011
Climbing out of the trenches tocross no-man's land and make an attack on enemy trenches.
Saving private ryan when attacks an enemy trence by throwing a sack of dynamite into peephole
by William Nanemahoo December 15, 2003
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