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A play on the original acronym HAM, but to a more extreme effect..

1) To go HAM (hard as a motherfuc*er) so nasty, you are reminiscent of Darvin Ham's monster dunks.

2) Slam 'dunking' anything. Implication of goin-in hard.

*shout out to JM
1 - Bill on his bender last week slammed 3 cute girls, 5 fat girls, woke up in a barn twice, got a unicorn tramp stamp tattoo to win a bet, and at one point was found completely duct taped to a wall. The kid was goin Darvin Ham all week!

2 - "How'd things go with that girl last night? Did you go-in?

"Let's put it this way.. we were goin Darvin Ham all over the place. Broke her coffee table, faucet, bed frame, and apartment elevator! It was out of control

* may also be used with a project proposal at work, awkward serving of divorce papers, etc.
by DANGER!! April 05, 2011