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When you take a large, stiff shit that causes you to make a screeching howl much like godzilla.
Someone in the stall next to me was taking a serious godzilla shit!
by gw376 December 17, 2012
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When a shit is so big and powerful that you literally feel like Godzilla has come out of your asshole. Usually, a Godzilla shit makes the sufferer bleed from the rectum.
Dave- Hey man, Im gonna go take a shit.

Steve- Sure, go ahead.

*20 minutes later*.

Dave- Dude, I think I had too much Taco Bell.

Steve- why what's wrong?

I just did a massive shit, it set the smoke alarms off and everything.

Steve- Well, looks like you just did a Godzilla shit. Better call 9-1-1.
by Josh Bloom. June 09, 2013

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