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The one and only. Sometimes reffered as the godPod, the only known 1,000 gigabyte, gold plated platinum super diamond iPod owned by the big guy. Most likely full of God-like music such as Zeppelin, Floyd, Stones, The Who, Beatles, Hendrix, Nirvana, Sabbath etc. His iPod most likely sits on a solid gold docking station, blasting earth shattering riffs 24/7 (weeks in heaven time) pissing off most of his angelic neighbors. His 11th commandment; Thou shalt not complain about Hendrix, has been a hassle for the angels, but Satan can even agree, as he too has some wicked ass tunes on his satanPod. Complete with a pair of Skullcandy buds crafted from clouds.
God - yo St. Peter! come check out Hendrix's face melter in Voodoo Child

St. Peter - sweet deal bro, i love Gods iPod
by sweetdefinitionsdude101 December 22, 2010
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