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The best damn chocolate company--ever. It may be expensive, but it's the finest quality of chocolate you'll ever taste. I recommend that you savor it for maximum enjoyment.
$2.00 for an espresso truffle?!?!! Oh well, it's from Godiva so it must be good.

*makes a tiny nibble*

...mmmm, this tastes just as good as when my boyfriend kisses me
by Tony May 12, 2004
In Aramaic, the fear of children. Presently the word has evolved to be a class 5 of 5 curse word.

F word < G word.

p.s. Do not utter this word in public.
"Keep your filthy hands off my man you Godiva!!"

"Godiva!! There's a spider on your face!"
by Godiva! October 19, 2013
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