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"Godiditonal forms" is basically a good "scientific" term to be used in the Creationist and Intelligent Design Movements.

It is when someone uses the excuse "God did it" (a.k.a Godidit) as an explanation for something which they can't explain.
Atheist: So if everything happens for a reason, and god makes it happen, what's the reason for your mother dying of cancer?

Christian: Uh...well...don't question the mighty power! God did it!

Atheist: *sigh*, Not more Godiditional forms used as an argument! Ack!


Atheist: Who stole my pen? Was it you Brady?

Brady (the Christian): No, I didn't do it? Godidit

Atheist: *sigh*, it's the second Godiditional form I've seen in the last 5 minutes!
by Yahoo Answers FTW December 09, 2010