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A signature phrase used by Royce, of "Royce and Marilyn" to convey utter shock and disdain with a lack of culture, money, opera, ramba and samba skills, or in reaction to the "garbage-hole" in which she lives.
Royce: Why would I have to be a victim of all this garbage, that crap that you like? You know nothing about classical music, opera, nothing! Nothing! You can't sing an opera, you know nothing.

Marilyn: No, I don't sing opera.

Royce: You know nothing, nothing...

Marilyn: But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it.

Royce: You know nothing. I sing everything perfectly, note-by-note. You know nothing... OH God on a WHEEL!

Marilyn: In Las Vegas...

Royce: Oh ShutUp!
by djSpinHouse August 27, 2010
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