A type of metal music forged in hell and brought to earth in order to destroy mankind. The style is a blend of metal and punk which originated in Pittsburgh with the band TROLLKICKER. Their first album was entitled "Pure Fucking Goblin Metal" and was the battle cry to the upcoming war involving Goblins and Trolls in the snowy hills of Appalachia.
There were many human casualties in the Goblo-Trollian war, which were seen as collateral damage by Satan's army of hell goblins, who were ready to die for Goblin Metal.
by william harrison December 13, 2012
Top Definition
A genre of music played only by the band Pinkly Smooth, which was Jimmy Sullivan's earliest band. This type of music is amazing.
The Rev invented Goblin Metal and these are some songs:
Pinkly Smooth- Necromance Theatre
Pinkly Smooth- Mezmer
Pinkly Smooth- Nosferatu Does A Hefty Dance
Pinkly Smooth- Pixel & Nasal
Pinkly Smooth- The Body of Death of the Man with the Body of Death
Pinkly Smooth - McFly
by Death Fiction Fan June 11, 2010
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