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1. To prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.

2. Any such attempt to prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.
That fucker John was goal tending Susan all night.
by therev. July 25, 2009
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(n.) variation of rebounding where, rather than wait for a relationship to end, the third party intercepts one of the involved individuals for the purposes of hooking up or starting a new relationship. Often leads to the end of the original relationship.

The act may be in violation of one or more of the man/woman codes, but has the capacity to result in the third party getting away with it, for his/her own benefit.
She wasn't happy in her marriage and the guy was a total tool. It may have been goaltending, but everyone won. Except for Steve... but f*** that guy.
by lfcNo9 September 03, 2010
Trying to stop a couple from hooking up even though it's already obvious that this is an impossible task. In other words, an attempt at cock blocking long after it could ever succeed. Make sure you use the appropriate NBA referee gesture when calling it.
"That's goaltending on Shaun. Count it anyway."
by JonKorn August 12, 2005

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