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How people from Boston say "Go fuck yourself".
Guy 1: Hey Nickyhow about settin me up with that cute little sister of yours?

Nicky: Hey, how bout you go fuck yaself.
by Mr. Swagger January 25, 2011
Utility phrase or comeback that can be used in almost any situation. Works well when inserted randomly into an everyday conversation.
Bob: So I was talking to Charlie, and he said you were a big fag...
Chris: Well I was talking to you mom and she said go fuck yaself!
by matmning April 29, 2009
1)one of the catchphrases of Anthony Williams. somethimes used in conjunction with "ya-ya-yo"2)leave me and go inflict intercourse to your self
Go Fuck Yaself!
by Rodrigo Huffelpuff August 03, 2010
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