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With it, your wisdom is evident. Without it, you appear lost, foolish, and mentally incompetent to your peers.
Repentyourself: OH MY GOD, I CANNOT FIGURE THAT s**t OUT. f**k it, I'mma have that extra i in there. Mad?

Gin: Change the censor bypassing letters to s instead of i, since you're trying to italicize the word it will f**k it up. Go get a map!! Your wig ain't helping you here.

An Evening In Guanima: Becky needs to do her boy a slow solid and let it be known where I can get gifs! And as for Gin and VW and you the space that follows?

Gin: Heffa I be holding a map with NO BLANK SPACES because I have SOLID DIRECTION. You on the other hand, your existence is a blank space. U mad? Go get a map!!

Playedout2thacore: Jennifer Lopez actually believes that she can get a hit with Louboutins. What a catastrophic FLOP! She needs to Go get a map!!

Repentyourself: I'd rather have a GPS. They're better.

Playedout2thacore: Hunny don't fool yourself. First you need to repent for the horrible sin of claiming the GPS as superior. Now to be cleansed you need to Go get a map!! You were lost and now you are found. Don't thank me, thank the map!!
by Gin & Playedout2thacore January 13, 2010
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