A phrase used when you are having a conversation with someone (usually a friend), and the other person is being a complete dumbass and doesn't understand what you're talking about, even though its completely understandable... But then they finally get it.
John: Hey, where were you today?
Sam: I was home sick...
John: Oh where were you? I didn't know you were on vacation!
Sam: I'm at home. Sick. Dumbass.
John: Oh!! You're home.. and you're sick. Sucks man!
Sam: Go get 'em tiger...
by SmileFlirtFuck September 06, 2011
Top Definition
An encouragement used in ordinary conversation since the 1960's. Expressing your confidence someone has qualities on par with a jungle cat: stealthy and lethal. "Slugger" was a similar boost that didn't survive modernity, now considered mildly sardonic rather than sincere.
Heard you've an interview in Cupertino this afternoon. Go get 'em tiger!
by Number 6 June 10, 2016
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