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A phrase called out toward an individual that runs to the toilet due to gastrointestinal distress.
After a wholesome lunch of cafeteria tacos and left-over Halloween candy:

Rajiv: Dude - why are you so pale?

Anthony: I think I overdid it with the tacos and sweet-tarts. (A squeaky fart emanates from Anthony's direction)
Anthony: Oh god! (Anthony stands up and runs in the direction of the toilet clenching his butt cheeks with his hand).

Rajiv: Go Diego Go!!
by The Closer! November 22, 2011
a stupid ass show that nobody watches except for starz. dora the explorer is a way better show. fuck you diego go kill yourself i fucking hate you.
Starz: lets go watch go diego go.
Matt: fuck that diego sucks lets watch dora the explorer.
Starz: oh yeah...ok then
by masamune7 September 01, 2008

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