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1. If something is Über Gnarly it is considered to be gnarlsbad.
2. Originally formed in a suburb of San Diego called "Carlsbad," Gnarlsbad found its way into the lexicon through surf-rats combining the word "gnarly" with the name of their city. Thus, Gnarlsbad.
3. Can also be a combination of "gnarly" and "bad"
Sean: Dude, I'm eating a cake made out of pie.

Jason: Oh, man! That is so Gnarlsbad!
by Sean September 14, 2005
A nickname for Carlsbad CA. The name is derived from Carlsbad being such a "Gnarly" place, full of surf rats, groms, and jocks. Although there are altercations between the groups, they all agree on one thing. Gnarlsbad
Dude, lets cruise to Gnarlsbad and check out the babes.

Gnarlsbad Cali is so sick
by BillTuss June 29, 2011
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