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Commonly known as the Rave Girl (or hoe-meous glowicus) these girls are known to eat all of your drugs and drain your money with impunity. They are found in clubs), raves, and house parties always armed with either: body paint, light-up hula-hoops, or glowsticks. One can identify a glow hoe by the dead eyes, haggard appearance, and ripped neon pantyhose.

Also be on the lookout for brightly colored monster-hats (I don't know what the fuck they're called), other accessories that you can see in the dark, and sparkly eye shadow: they will force you to watch them wiggle their LED gloves in your face in order to "blow you up" or watch them show off their moves with those damn hula-hoops.


Do not let a glow hoe crash on your couch. That shit will be covered in glitter for weeks.
"Damn, I shared all my weed and coke with that glow hoe and she just peaced out with all her little glow hoe friends."

"Kthnxbyeee!"...(you with dick in hand)

She asked me for some molly, same glow hoe, then she tried to cast a spell on me with her fingers.
#gloho #rave girl #scallywag #ke$sha #glowsticks #hula hoops #drum and bass #skrillex #mdma #music festival hoppers
by boomhauer850 January 22, 2013
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