A fake gun, clearly and concisely defined in the first post above. However, some people apparently cannot read (or refuse to actually read the entire definition before posting one of their own), and fail to grasp the basic concept of satirical humor.
"I go on Urban Dictionary and half-ass read the definitions of things like "Glock 7"; I then write a juvenile response, effectively making myself look like a "pinhead".
by TriggerTeacher December 17, 2011
Top Definition
A handgun popularized by the movie "Die Hard 2: Die Harder". Made in Germany, this firearm is constructed entirely of porcelain, is capable of passing through airport metal detectors completely unnoticed. The only downside to this amazing weapon is the price, which is quite expensive. The real MSRP is unknown, but experts say that they cost more than the Dulles International Airport Police Chief makes in a month.

This is not to be confused with the Austrian made 9mm Glock 17, or any other Glock handgun, which are constructed of both steel and polymer, and would quite easily set off an airport metal detector. Retail price on any other Glock firearm is most likely much less than what the Dulles International Airport Police Chief makes in a month. Most Glocks range in price from $400-$600 USD.

No, the "Glock 7" doesn't really exist. I would advise against going into your local sporting goods store and trying to order one. Unless, of course, you enjoy being thoroughly and relentlessly made fun of.
"That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me, you know what that is? It's a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn't show up on your airport metal detectors and probably costs more than what you make in a month."
by Convert October 06, 2007
This is a fake model used named in DieHard 2. It doesn't exist, regardless what the pinhead above says.
I believe everything they say in the movies, because I am a Glock 7
by nostar November 08, 2010
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