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Action: "Safe Action"
Caliber: 10x25mm
Overall length: 7.6 inches
Barrel length: 4.6 inches
Capacity: 15 plus one in the chamber.
Weight unloaded: 1.73 lb.

The most powerful Glock from the factory, light weight for a 10mm, versatile enough for hunting, target shooting, or shitty situactions, and Gaston Glock's biggest gift to mankind with many accessories available for it. The most under acknowledged and under rated semi-automatic pistol in America.
I done took that deer down with a 180 grain Gold Dot hollowpoint traveling at 1300 feet per second from my Glock 20.

Nigga stole my rims, so I popped him wit my Glock 20, ya dig.
by Shit Idano August 29, 2007
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