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Gliddaraati(1) The stars (not necessarily rich and famous) born anywhere in the world that help cultivate 'ghetto music' - super-bright, ghetto glamorous.

Gliddaraati(2) A dreamer who manifests a dream from almost nothing through creative determination;'ghetto ingenuity.'

Gliddaraati(3) 'Star of the gang'

Glidderaati(4) Anything described as having glittering or star like quality.
"gliddaraati hottie"; "keepin it gliddaraati"; "That flow he just spit was gliddaraati"; "She's a gliddaraati when it comes to her hustle"; "Big up to all the Gliddaraati who keep it real in the struggle."
by ShortyG December 31, 2008
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