Past tense of the word "Glow"
Dude that radioactive waste I saw the otherday glew in the dark!!
by fgn nj July 26, 2010
Top Definition
It is the past tense of the word "glow"
Casey: "I got a pair of PJ's today that apparently glow."
Laura: "Sweet. Things like that glow like bras are awesome.
Socks that glow are scary though..."
Casey: "I wouldn't know..."
Laura: "Neither would I; I never had a pair of socks that glew"
by Lauramarie December 25, 2005
Glew gloo Adjective:

To have glown.
Her mouth GLEW from the glowstick she broke in it.

Amy: My sister broke a glowstick in her mouth once.
Lexi: Did her tongue glow in the dark?
Amy: No!
Lexi: Darn!
Cheyce: That would be so cool if it GLEW.
by CheycenessUltimatum October 17, 2011
Slang term for the sticky stuff that comes out of a males penis, aka "cum"
Since Cum isnt Glue it is spelled differently to set "Glue" and "Glew" apart.
Tyler - "Dude i totally sprayed jessica with Glew last night."
Eddie - "I Totally sprayed my room with Glew last night."
Tyler & Eddie - "Hehheehehe"
by Fuuuuze xD December 12, 2010
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