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A mindlowingly rad metal/rock quartet from Yorkshire in England. Glamour of the Kill used to be known as the Red Room Theory, which was a better name. They probably changed the band name so that they could give themselves scene names.
They've had a few EPs but I only know the name of one which is Through the Dark They March. They had some other EPs as The Red Room Theory, one of which was called Invitations.

They are releasing a full length album around May this year.

Davey Death - Vocals/Bass
Mikey Massacre - Guitar
Chris Carnage - Guitar
B Brutal - Drums
(january, 2008)
person one - OMG. I love glamour of the kill!
person two - lol who are they? they probably svck. YAY@FOB
(january, 2009)
person one - *insert an o.o type facial expression here* Fangirl muchh?

Expect that.
#rad #awesome #better than anything #a7x #listen to them
by dominika January 07, 2008
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