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A movement that seeks to make legal and set up gladiatorial game where criminals can be make to fight as gladiators and other people if they wish.
They would be paid as much as professional athletes and if the criminals won enough fights they would be freed.
The fights would be held in a converted football stadium and some modern weapons as well as swords ect. would also be used such as chain saws.
It would be a spectator sport and would be televised.
People who are in the movement say that it is better then capitol punishment because it gives them a fighting chance and that capitol punishment is carried out by cowards because it is done behind closed doors away from the public.
by Judge dredd7 June 27, 2011
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A movement that seeks to promote the activity of people fighting as gladiators and to make gladiator fighting legal.

most of the people being made to fight would be criminals ans other undiserables. And also anyone else could fight as a gladiator if the want too.

The fighting would most often be in a converted football stadium and some modern weapons would would be added to the games,like chain saws ect.

Also in keeping with ancient Roman tradition if a gladiator won a certain number of games they would be freed.
by Judge dredd7 June 05, 2011
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