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Also referred to as an upside down fist bump, Fresh is popular amongst college students as a means of communicating one's intent to fuck shit up. In order to administer fresh, one must either turn their right fists 180 degrees clockwise or their left fists 180 degrees counterclockwise and proceed to fist bump another who has freshed their fists up. Started by the wrecking crew (AP,AP,LR) from Dirty Burge Residence Hall of the University of Iowa, Fresh has locally become one of the most renown symbols thrown around at parties, most notably at keggers.
Yo, you getting wasted tonight?
Hell yea dude, give some fresh! (proceed to upside down fist bump)

Hey man, did you bang that chick in her b-hole last night?
For sure brotha, she came till she went dry!!!!!
Aw shit man. That chick was a straight 10, give me some fresh! (proceed to upside down fist bump)
by Little Buddha September 29, 2012
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