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Give Joey a Goey (pronounced Go-eeee)
A general statement of support for the struggling little man.
Someone who is down on his luck and requires a break or change of luck in his or her life.
Particular applicable to the blue collar working man/women. Seems to be especially prevalent in the plumbing trade.
Person 1: `The poor guy crashes his car the same day he finds out that his wife is leaving him for another women`
Person 2: `Geeeee that’s tough, someone should really Give Joey a Goey`

Note: Goey may in certain cases be substituted with the verb `Blowy` or `Goby` meaning the guy (usually) down on his luck should be given fellatio to make him feel better and this would hopefully become a catalyst moment to turn his luck around.

Person1: ‘ My husband’s had a really rough day at work, he’s had all sorts of issues with his boss lately and thinks he is going to be fired`

Person 2: ‘ Well maybe you should give Joey a Blowy (or Goby) to cheer him up `
by TimmyTurtles November 10, 2011
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