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The way a swamp person or trailer trash tells another person to go away or leave...
"Ursula, dinn'nt I tell y'all to leave me alone while 'am brushin' mah tooth? Now 'GIT!!!!
by Marquis70 February 12, 2010
1 3
blonde/brown/ginger hair. a mix. normally belongs to someone of the name Jack.
Person#1: hi, have you seen Jack recently?
Person#2: yeah, i love his G.I.T, don't you?
Person#1: yeah, the colours just turn me on.
by a dot p dot. October 20, 2008
1 3
A no good bastard. One who refuses to accept people in the world. Like a dick only most people wont know what the hell your talking about. (Learned from Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling) Prat.
Gurl 1: "Oh my gawd, he's such a Git."
Gurl 2: "I know right. He needs to get his head out of his ass."
Gurl 3: "Sad part ladies, he's so damn pretty!!!"
by Namine Glambert November 25, 2010
1 4
A young kid, or early teenager.
"Dawg, why are all theez Git's at the party! When the Mutha Fuckin Law come we gone get in trouble."
by The Theoretically Correct May 20, 2009
8 11
A word that one calls another to express distaste or annoyance at that person. The word is common usage as an insult in the United Kingdom
Literarily it means idoit or bastard, and can be used to express either or both terms.
"You utter git"
"Don't be so ignorant you git"
"I hate that guy, he's just such a git"
by Gleebits June 25, 2007
22 25
An insult commonly found in the Harry Potter series. Probably British. Means, someone with no manners and who is constantly annoying people.
*someone has their elbows on the table during a fancy dinner*

Random person: "Git"

*Throws gravy on them*

Several more people: "GIT!"

*random person chattering on with bad jokes and annoying everyone*

Other person: "Stop being such a git!!!!"
by Vanessa Clyde July 27, 2011
2 6
GIT -- Guys (or Girls) I Text
Mollie: Oh my god Shenae you are always talking to that git
Shenae: Hey, what can I say, I love my gits!
by Sir Biggie J November 18, 2010
5 9