A term used to describe a tall beautiful woman with a large round booty. Half giraffe, half donkey, hence the term gironkey.
I hooked up with a gironkey last night and she had more legs than a bucket of chicken.
by Davidson Wood February 03, 2008
Top Definition
A man who tries to be insightful and is in denial. Plus is very ugly. The term Gironkey= Giraffe+Donkey+dog. Very ugly animal that is uber confused and totally in denial about life. Will probably die alone.
Ehmobuhks: Why are we all after beauty? It is so last year!
JaspahCrazy:Oh yeah, hes a total Gironkey.
Rose: Why must u be in denial so? GIRONKEY!
Megan: teehee....Gironkey....
by JaspahCrazyy August 04, 2008
A cross between a giraffe and a donkey.

Mostly used to define an odd looking person.
Simone: "Did you see the lady who walked into the shoe store yesterday?"

Tamsyn: " Oh you mean the gir-onkey, yeah she looked weird."
by omz21 April 30, 2010
A tall person ( giraffe) who is as stupid as a donkey ( stupid )
Oh, jeez! Joby is such a gironkey...he is so tall and stupid, yet he could not even replace the light bulb in his room.
by Gadget King January 18, 2011
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