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A tasty snack treat made from real Girlscouts.
Young Girl Selling Cookies On Corner: Would you like to buy a girlscout cookie?
passerby: Are they made with real Girlscouts?
Toung Girl Selling Cookies On Corner: (puzzled expression) No...?
Passerby: Then I don't want any. By the way, is your Mom training you to be a prostitute?
by No-Merit Badge May 31, 2008
You go up to a girl's door(a complete stranger) and ring the doorbell. when she answers, you ask in a high voice "wanna buy some cookies?" she then invites you in and you proceded to fuck her in the asshole.
I went to this bitch margie's house and gave her the most chocolate-y girl scout cookie ever.
by adam brenner January 10, 2006
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