When a guy spends 20 minutes or more in a girls shower using all her hair and skin products.....when a guy spends the nite with a girl and uses her shower the next day and all her shampoos , soaps and face cleaner.....spending 30 minutes in a hot shower of a girl you spent the nite with shaving your nut sack and conditioning your hair and cleansing your face....
While you were at work , i got all girl pretty !!! I used your shampoo , conditioner , face scrub , i even shaved my nut sack with your razor !!

Damn Boy , where you getting all girl pretty for me in the shower...you were in there for 30 min...all the hot water is gone...and you smell like a girl !!!!
by Heyman3000 March 10, 2010
Top Definition
When a woman is more than cute, but less than hot she is Girl Pretty. Ideally, you want a wife that is girl pretty.
Jessie Ware, Amber Coffman, Mya, and Bryce Dallas Howard are all fine examples of what would constitute being "girl pretty."
by Dawg tha Catt December 03, 2012
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