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Initiate a 'high-five' with a friend, and when their arm is raised high enough, take your first two fingers (or strongest fingers) and jab them in the armpit, while shouting 'Giraffe Tooth!'. The doubled fingers resemble a giraffe's large tooth, and the action of jabbing in the pit is similar to a circumstance involving a giraffe jabbing his tooth into an armpit. This action is addictive and will catch on fast in your group of friends, family members, co-workers, church group, and etc.
Keri: "hey Kody, high five!"
Kody: "sweet, sure" (raises arm)
Keri: (jabbs armpit) "Giraffe tooth, motherfucker!"
Kody: "ouch, Charlieee!"
by Keri and Kody February 02, 2009
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