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usually tall, athletic quite popular and gets all the girls. very sweet and charming but so sexy at the same time. most guys wish they were a giordy. Giordy is also quite the partier but puts sport before anything. also has a huge penis.
look hes a giordy
by lisa james 12345 May 10, 2011
Giordy is a woman that is confident, fun loving and gorgeous on the inside and out. She is the type of person that you can always count on, as she is understanding and non judgmental. She knows she's not perfect, but she stuns everyone that she meets with her character and smile. She's so comfortable in her own skin, and she's seen as beautiful to everyone around her. She has a wide taste in music and appreciate all her friends regardless of their backgrounds and differences.
"I talked to Giordy today!"

"Oh wow, she's awesome!"

"Yeah, don't know what I'd do without her."
by disneylover121 February 06, 2012
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