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To walk like a bitch
He walked to the sidelines gingerly
by MasterD2013 September 06, 2013
0 3
gingerly or ginger.
to gently move or relocate an object
"line the cupboard to the markings, and gingerly screw in the nails"
"tap the drum gingerly to the rhythm of the bass guitar"
"next time, could you be ginger please"
by Julessss September 17, 2006
38 17
Adverbial form of ginger. Performing an action whilst being red-headed.
The Proclaimers sang a song gingerly

Mick Hucknall picked his nose gingerly

Neil Lennon plays football gingerly

Carrot Top tells incredibly bad jokes gingerly
by Steve the Snake March 28, 2008
24 16
way cool hot momma
everyone wishes they could holla at that gingerly.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
6 19