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Used to describe a (rarely seen) sexy, red-haired, freckled, pasty ginger.
Gabe: Yuck! She's got a nasty case of gingervitus.

Kari: You're such a gingerphobe - I think she's gingerlicious.
by Toodles Punch April 25, 2010
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Used to describe a red haired person who by default happens to be deliciously hot.
"My whole being and existence are obviously gingerlicious" Said Aury, as she passed her fingers through her long shiny venetian blonde mane
by LupaRuralis July 27, 2014
Adjective used to describe a fat, pasty, unattractive ginger (someone with red hair and freckles). Often used as sarcasm.
The fat kid in The Sandlot, or the character Mort Goldman from Family Guy are two gingerlicious pieces of man candy.
by bubzy September 19, 2010
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